3 tips for your success in fitness

Know your Why.

Knowing your why and using it as fuel is vital for reaching your clothes. Why did you start? What was your goal? If you remember this and focus on that especially on days where it is harder to workout you will always win!

Lay your workout clothes out.

Lay everything you need out a night before. I always prepare my things for the next morning, so I don’t have to start gathering it all together and keeping me from thinking if I should workout or not. 🙂

Know what workout you are doing.

It is the same with your workout. Know the night before what you are going to do the next day, this doesn’t only save much time, but it also keeps you in a flow in the morning. If we start thinking too much about, what we could do our mind starts to find things why we shouldn’t do it. If you are prepared you just need to jump in your clothes and get going. 

I hope this helps and will get you back on track or keep you going wherever you are in your journey. 

Have a beautiful day


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