5 Week tips to burn fat – Week 1 – Drink Water

Every Week I will reveal a new tip on how you can burn fat. I share my knowledge and own experience with you as we go along. Let me know in the comments, if the tips were helpful and what you want to hear next.

Drink lots of water. 

Did you know that the body consists 70 percent of water? This is 43 liter water, isn’t that crazy? So no wonder why we work better, if we drink enough, especially in the summer. Also, if you drink lots of water your metabolism works better, which will help you burn fat. You will feel more energized, motivated and awake. Only good things come from water 🙂 Another plus it is super important for the skin to prevent from aging.

How much should you drink?

The recommendation is 2-2,5 liter a day, but I drink often 3-4 Liter a day. If you workout almost every day your body sweats and loses more water, so it is normal to drink more. Same in summer, always have bottle with you. It is so important to stay hydrated I mean it’s the bodies elixir. Do you drink enough?

Jen’s tip: right after you wake up drink two big glasses of water, so your body can wake up properly and get to work. I like to squeeze in some lemon juice.

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