Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast is not only delicious it is also super healthy. Filled with healthy fats and some good protein. I probably eat this 3 times a week..

Ingredients for your avocado toast:

  • half avocado
  • piece of healthy bread
  • two eggs
  • turmeric
  • pepper
  • salt
  • basil for decoration

I like my bread toasty so I put my slice in a toaster for a few seconds. While my bread is in the works, I start putting the eggs in a pan- I like them sunny side. Take a spoon and smear the avocado over your toast, I already like to add some pepper, salt and turmeric. When your eggs are ready put them over the avocado and add some more spices. for decoration put the basil on top and enjoy yourself a super delicious, healthy and hearty breakfast!

Bon appetite! 🙂

You find more recipes here: http://www.jennifergeorghiou.com/lentil-soup/

As always let me know what you think!

xx, Jen

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