Week 2 HIIT – body fat adieu!

Burn Body Fat – Week 2

The best workout to give your body fat the rest. I am a huge fan of HIIT workouts, because they always push me to the limit and even further. You work with your whole body, alternating toning and cardio with little breaks in between. Your metabolism really gets to work here and will work for you the rest of the day. You are using a huge portion of oxygen and that is what gets the metabolism going aka burning fat. Your pulse is going up and your body works on high level, which causes an afterburn up to 72 hours. I recommend doing HIIT workouts 2 times a week, if you are not the biggest cardio fan or like jogging.

I swear this is so much fun and you feel like wonder woman after a HIIT workout – well I actually feel like that after every workout 🙂

Wanna try a HIIT Workout, I got something short for you here but also more Videos on my Channel:

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